We Want Everyone To Thrive

Thrive Plant Co. is a Canadian-based company focused on providing healthful supplements with an environmentally friendly approach.

Our products contain an optimal blend of scientifically effective, natural ingredients that work harmoniously together to support a healthy lifestyle and overall well-being. Recognizing the importance that purity plays in optimizing the function of the body, our products are simple and straightforward with familiar ingredients to fuel people in a healthy way.

Founded by Canadians, Thrive Plant Co. is proud to bring Canadian-made products to local retailers across our nation.

Wind Turbines

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We are seeing a shift in the nutritional supplement market with consumers who are more health-and-environmentally-conscious. Thrive Plant Co. makes both factors a priority with our products.

In an effort to reduce the strain on our environment, we opted to utilize bags for our products. Their flexibility allows for a greater quantity to be shipped per carton, in comparison to traditional plastic tubs, which significantly reduces the carbon emissions footprint during transportation.

Additionally, we have gone scoop-free to reduce the amount of plastic waste going into our system. For customer convenience, the serving sizes for our products are listed in tablespoons - a simple measurement tool found in all kitchens.

Our team is continually seeking new ways we can minimize our impact on the environment, whether that's through improving our packaging or raising awareness through our social platform.

Thrive No Plastic Scoop Notice

Being environmentally friendly will always be a priority for Thrive Plant Co.

Recognizing the impact that manufacturing can have on the environment, we are proud to be working with Rootree for our packaging.

Through Bullfrog Power, renewable electricity is put back into the grid to match what was used during the manufacturing process. These green energy sources are derived from both wind and low-impact hydro power.

This outside-of-the-box thinking is something Thrive Plant Co. loves and fully supports.